Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Heart Of The Mountain

Within the secret depths of the Mountain is a cave. The Mountain is mature yet still shines with a glimmer of her youth. The cave is hidden, deep and at the end of a path that over time has grown into a complex labyrinth of protection. Within this cave is the Mountain’s most prized treasure. As a young Mountain its entrance had been easily found and the wealth eagerly shared with those who understood and appreciated its pure beauty and too shared there own unconditionally. 

But throughout her years of living, stretching and flourishing there were times when the treasure was taken with little thought and consideration for the Mountain’s gentle emotions. Her radiance would then fade, her growth become lethargic and a winter would descend upon her. What pained the Mountain more than anything was the profound gut wrenching ache that would cause her to spend many, many years shedding silent tears of anguish until her treasure was acknowledged and replenished once more.  

Each time this happened the cave became more immersed, the path more complex and it’s doorway smaller. Yet all the Mountain wanted to do was share her prize, she was bursting to let it flow for there was so much to give. However, she new she could not bare many more hurt filled, torturous winters. She feared that one day the shrinking cave’s access would close for good, trapping her in that cold, barren place.

As the Mountain grows, she sends her roots out into the landscape around her, searching for comfort and her sense of place, whilst all the time holding back the walls as they close in on the gateway to her heart.