Friday, 6 January 2012

My Adventure in Wonderland

We leave the house early to walk the short route to the bus stop. Libby, fairly new to this life and conditioned by societies fear of the unknown, looks out into the darkness from the warmth and familiarity with some trepidation. She sees the infinite blackness and hears the force of the howling wind and the heaviness of the rain. She looks to me for reassurance. I communicate it to her without words, a smile and the eyes can say so much more, far more eloquently and in a fraction of the time.
The unknown is so often far less ominous than we imagine and more often than not, very rewarding, even life changing. To venture into what is not known, with some caution but openness, is to fill your heart with the excitement that comes with knowing that you are about to learn something new, that you are going to evolve as a person through a new experience. See life as an adventure and you will really see things thus gaining an insight, big or small, with every experience.With every insight you learn something, so evolve.
So with adventure in mind, Libby and I, wrapped up, feeling comforted and protected step out into the darkness.......

This morning it is different, outside there is peace and calm. The darkness is still. There is no trepidation as we step into the darkness this time. We cross the dewy grass, through the silence. We step past the gate into the open and Libby stops, she stands still, her whole being stares in awe and wonder of the rising sun's angelic  glow. I smile with a mixture of delight at sharing such an inspiring moment with someone so close and the relief and gladness at witnessing their openness and awareness of them connecting with such beauty. We stand and gawp like love struck teenagers may gawp at their idols, watching the wondrous colours of the sky change and move.
As Libby steps into the warmth of the bus I wave, I willingly and lovingly give her a part of me that goes with her. Now it is time for me to wander in My Wonderland.
Within my chest are those feelings of anticipation and excitement that precede an adventure, an experience not yet known or remembered. Even though a route taken many times, each time it is perceived and seen differently, creating a whole new experience.

Through the movement of my body and awareness of my senses I experience my physical, through my muses and reflections I experience my mind and through the freedom of expression I experience my spirit.

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