Saturday, 4 February 2012

And So I Run......

Freezing fingers and thawing toes
A gentle jog to warm the core
Through the physical movement of its limbs
And the inner mantra of focus
The body is relieved of the discomfort of cold
And as it settles into its rhythm
The mind calms, the spirit is soothed
They flow as fluently as the passing water
A tormented soul of doubt eases into her creation of sureness
The gates are unlocked and the wonderings set free
Once again the beauty of what 'is' becomes more visible
The vibrant greens of the woodland
The gentle hammer of a woodpecker
The hypnotic bubbling of the river
The spontaneous chorus of birdsong
The grounding smell of the Earth
The orange glow that softens the air
With each step taken the spirit is lifted
The connection reestablished
A knowing nourishes
Ideas of creation and expression
Insight is cajoled into being
Life emanates unrestrained
In the freedom of space the mind cogitates
An unrestricted place for 'flights of fancy'
The dreams are tangible
This freedom of space does not judge or disparage
It encourages and nurtures the imagination
In moments of  stillness, in that glow of tenderness
There is glorious realisation
With grace and gratitude it becomes apparent
Conditioned to doubt our deepest instincts
To accept an existence of unrealised potential
We sleepwalk through our perceived reality
And so I run
I awake from my slumber
I see, I feel, I connect

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  1. Hi Kenza,

    that is just beautiful, and so you :-)