Monday, 20 February 2012

My Map


  1. This is a great image, the waves, the rolling textured waves and the geometric land seen from high above. I saw the small pattern on my top sites grid template and was immediately attracted to seeing what it was so opened it straight away. The contrast between the the 2 patterns is striking. Wonder what it'd be like if you went higher and deeper, how would clouds appear and birds and the sun and the stars? x


    Check this outx

  3. Walking along the Spiral Jetty, in effect at the edge of the world, one has a self-transformative transcendental experience. One is in the great beyond, liberated from the cares of the lifeworld. One is immersed in the cosmos, healed by the magic of its delirious colors and recurrent forms. The earth spiral coordinates with the spiral nebula and the spiral that is the cochlea of the ear: the spiral is a universal form, at once macrocosmic and microcosmic.
    A Critical History of 20 Century Art- paragraph 7

  4. That's beautiful Didge and so spot on! Thank you :-)
    Found a book you can have when I'm finished with it....
    'For Space' by D. Massey x