Monday, 20 August 2012

Saturday 18 August: 40,479 Steps Of Twenty Arduous, Exhilarating Coastal Miles

Hundreds of participants prepare
Support, camaraderie and banter
For some its a race
Quick time
First, second, third......
For others the challenge is different
A connection
To belonging
To undiscovered inner realities
To Mother Earth
All personal, some deep and rewarding
Whether realised or acknowledged
We all journey on a search
A new path awaits exploration
Its steep undulations
Testing the physical and mental
For me
The challenge is new
Horizons widened
A fresh focus
An enlightened meaning
I stomp the stunning new lands
I savour what physical exertion brings
A body bathed in sweat
Legs covered in mud
Heightened senses
The smell of the Earth
The sounds of the landscape
A connection with life
With its many levels to relish
Twenty arduous, exhilarating coastal miles
Four hours and fifty-six minutes

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