Tuesday, 22 May 2012

18,807 Running Strides & Walking Steps Through The Coastal Mist

7903 Strides
It took me 7903 strides of running to realise that I wanted to be walking with my camera. After yesterday's 14 mile run my body was happy to be moving out on the coast again but needed a chance to soak up the landscape at a more leisurely pace.
I stopped and looked at a view which was eclipsed by a thick sea mist. Through the dampness, just visible, were the ragged outlines of the rocks and the changing white line of the tide. It was like standing on the edge of the world, the unknown just out of reach and waiting. It all felt mysterious, dangerous and enticing. This was a moment I wanted to capture.....so I decided to turn back and go home for my camera. The long run would have to wait for another day. Sometimes that voice within that offers advice and guidance should be heeded, I'd left the house feeling like there was something missing.....that something had been my camera.

10484 Steps

13365 Steps
I am the point where I had decided to turn back earlier, the camera now where it should be. The mist is rising and the air warming. The moment I was hoping to capture an hour ago has gone, dried up with the dew drops, carried away on the sea breeze. Part of me wished I'd stopped and savoured the moment a little longer. Even though this one was not bypassed, I wonder how many moments of relevance or inspiration we miss with musings of the greener grass of the future always there in our minds often distracting our attention.  

15253 Steps
From the breezy coast to warm sheltered fields where the long wet grass soaks my legs. My stomach tight with a keen awareness of the likely presence of cattle.

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