Monday, 28 May 2012

24,445 Steps: Lounging In The Sunshine

1626 Steps
Lounging in the sunshine

1926 Steps
The call of the open road

3202 Steps

7340 Steps
The sparkle of the water
The hum of the midges

8304 Steps
The soft green silvery shimmer
Seeded heads of grass sway in the breeze
A path once soft mud shin deep
Now dry, hardened ruts
Unkind to the ankles
But far less messy

9294 Steps
Fluffy seeds fly the nest

11780 Steps

12578 Steps
The sound of the sea thunders below
The horizon indefinite in the heat haze

13361 Steps
The comforting aroma of bluebells and grass
I move through the landscape
I merge
Not the detached viewer
But the property of the universe
Part of the hugeness I hear in the voice of the sea
And feel in the textures and colours around me

16814 Steps

Hot and sweaty
Skin stinging from time in the sun
And oh so very happy

1 comment:

  1. Theses are fantastic shots Kensa I especially like the green of the land and blue of the sea _- Striking x