Saturday, 12 May 2012

Call Three: Under The Oak; 70 Hours and 60,736 Steps Taken

Saturday 5 May

0 Steps

443 Steps
Train station
Grey drizzle
Pigeons flapping
Welcomed warmth of the carriage
Have I forgotten anything?

993 Steps
Our meeting place
Our shared journey begins

1595 Steps
A place to park
From four wheels to six feet
Heavy bags
Bottles of water

4846 Steps
A field of annoyed cows
Panicked retraced steps
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Shoes stuck in the mud
Shit! Shit! Shit!

7909 Steps
A long hill
A castle at the top

10463 Steps
We're getting close
We can feel it

12002 Steps
Heavy packs
Time to stop and rest

13453 Steps
Our place found
Under the oak
Tents up

13545 Steps
Kettle on
Carrots and marmite
Sunshine and a cuppa

14257 Steps
A wander in our new found land
A four legged friend
Enthusiastic chatter, revolution and change
The sound of the sea
A paddle

16160 Steps
Fireside oracles
Mint humbugs

16225 Steps
Tiny tent
Warm sleeping bag
Her silver celestial body stays tucked behind clouds

Sunday 6 May

0 Steps
Stiff body
Sore hips
The need to move

539 Steps
A trip to the sea at sunrise
The calm, gentle whisper of the waves
A sheet of steal reflects the world above
Numb toes
Charcoal words washed away
A body and soul cleansed

1025 Steps
The need for heat
Warm food
Ginger tea
Then its time to explore our wonderland

2545 Steps

5132 Steps
Three Cliffs Bay

5563 Steps
Bluebell woods and a swing

6255 Steps
A stone circle

7065 Steps
Shire Comb
From up high
Long grass
Yellow gorse
Slate grey rock
A wind that chills

8439 Steps
Pennard Castle
A quick break
Warming bodies
Layers removed

13873 Steps

15119 Steps
Back to base
Time for tea
A feast of food and stories

15772 Steps
Reeds in the wind whisper

21050 Steps

21491 Steps
Lots of them going up and up and up......Ouch!

21716 Steps
A beautiful strength
The arms of an oak

22371 Steps
A proper crack....!

22826 Steps
Rock pooling
Giant blocks of red stone
Precarious and daunting

25068 Steps
Looking back to where we've been
The She-Shaman
Staff in hand
A giant dune

28443 Steps
A diamond backed adder slides into the grass out of sight.

29570 Steps
Nature V Man
The She-Shaman works her magic

30373 Steps
Red cheeked
Exertion and sun
Sore stiff limbs
Spicy curry
Beans and carrots
A roaring fire to warm and comfort
Plans made to have a warmer night
Hoping for more sleep

Monday 7 May

0 Steps
A wet start 
A little warmer
Eased off rain
An opportune moment to pack

453 Steps
Morning glory
A dangerous sea
Mesmerizing and dark
The wind shoves and shunts
Thoughts of the journey back
Back to home comforts
But back to a reality that does not feel real
A reluctance to leave a reality that does

11559 Steps
Retraced steps
No cows this time!
Thank you Gower

12195 Steps
Back to that other world
Mud covered
Hat wearing
Tangled, unwashed hair
Scratched hands
Ripped trousers
Wet feet
Makeup free faces
Unpolished nails
Free of those restraints
Free of those expectations
Glowing cheeks
Shiny eyes
A warmth in the heart
Happy, tired and content
The joy of tasting freedom
The joy of a warm cuppa
Back on the road

13288 Steps

13834 Steps
Soft seat
Nearing the end of the journey
Time for reflection

14138 Steps
Home from a wonderful journey
Tired and very, very happy
Exhilaration and inspiration

Hours 70
Steps  60736

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