Thursday, 29 March 2012

21882 Steps Of Sunshine And 2 Moments Of Inspiration

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The contextual map keeps growing....the ideas keep coming.....but there is much more to do and I need to write an much as I tried the words wouldn't I packed a banana, a drink, a pencil and note pad, left the house, entered the sunshine and walked.....

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Moment 1
For this project I have explored and started to realise the philosophy of my practice.
My work is my process of finding my place within this world, this life. Not a physical place but a place of 'being' that feels right for me. This is a place where I can externalise who and what I want to be and act upon those notions to create a reality where I put into being who I am.
I have battled with inner feelings and ideas of the world I am in, my heart telling me one thing, my head
another and then the world something else and this has caused an ongoing cycle of self-doubt, self-hatred and self-destructive behaviors.
The more I read about the philosophy of others, their ideas and inspirations, I am finding many that put a voice to what I feel in my heart. What I feel is being felt by others and have been for a long time. I am learning that to listen to my heart and to follow what it tells me is not just the best thing for me but for every other living thing in our 'world'.
Life is not what we think it is and it can be very different if we want it to be. There is nothing wrong with doubting what we are told is meant to be 'normal' and there is nothing wrong with feeling that somehow we are getting things a wrong and this 'life' we are creating is not how you want your life to be...for you this is not normal, there needs to be change, in fact you can feel a change coming. Feel what is right in your heart and go with it. Have faith in your feelings, they are telling you something and it will be in your best interest....they are not trying to trick you!

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Moment 2
By being creative with the essence of myself, as part of the essence of the whole this can only be in the best interest of the whole, thus creating only that which is in the best interest of the individual parts. When creativity is from your truth it has been inspired, realised in-spirit.
My process of getting to this place of realisation and inspiration involves my physical connection with the landscape. My ideas come to me whilst feeling the warmth of the sun, the wind on my skin and the ground beneath my feet. Something inside me opens up and it comes flooding out. The haptic experience, the freedom and space the landscape offers me to just 'be' enables me to obtain these ideas and notions. The process of creation becomes quicker and clearer. Creativity becomes natural, moving and flowing in many directions, uninterrupted by prejudices, social restraints, the expectations of others or dull, unhappy voices that say that such notions of a utopia are unrealistic notions of fantasy.................

Anyway, some other moments along my journey.....

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