Saturday, 10 March 2012

An Ocean Of Many

The sun shines, beckons and teases me
I run around trying to get jobs done so that I can join him
So that I can go out to play
I need to feel the warmth and the air brush over my frowning brow
To smooth away the tension
A teary conversation with a heart broken loved-one
Brings home how 300 miles may as well be 3000 miles at times
The want to hold and hug, to ease the pain can only be voiced
Hopefully this is sufficient
Distracted, unable to focus
Indoor jobs are left, abandoned for another time
The wood pile is low, the evenings still chilly
An ideal excuse to escape into the landscape
I grab my boots and wood collecting bags
I stomp to the woodland a mile down the road
With purpose in my stride, heart aching
I surrender myself to the space and  freedom of the world beyond the walls
My body moves, every atom of my being soaks up the offered energy
My essence spreads like tree roots, connecting with what keeps it alive
A giant cosmic inhalation
And as this life seeps into and through me
Anxiety is defused, the heart lightened
Perspective is broadened, horizons grow
The comforting, grounded arms of the trees welcome me home
I savour the calm
Like sweet, warm nectar it trickles through me
As I collect the dry twigs and branches
I am aware of their roughness on my skin and the earth beneath my feet
I am aware of being one small drop in an ocean of many

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