Thursday, 15 March 2012

Call Two: A Publicaton

I need to pick one image for the publication.....which one????


  1. These are bautiful Kensa. Yes, I definitely like 24 the best.Interacting with your own body. There's a tenderness to it.

  2. When I read the word ownership I realised why i feel different since doing the 'performance'.....the images show a strength I have but did not recognise! Wow! Thank you Jess! :-)

  3. Hi Kenza,

    You see beneath all that gentleness is some steel. I'm unable to choose, to me the choosing has to come from within, your within. I think some of the images would make a really powerful and beautiful triptych.

    Wipe the pen off before I buy you coffee again, especially on the forehead :-)