Friday, 27 April 2012

Call Three: Sited/Off Site

You are being asked to produce work that responds to a specific site or enables you to work off site.
A site can be: physical or theoretical.
Site specificity can relate to: The limits of site, fieldwork, action and public space and the cultural imperative.
Consider place and locality.
Does the work need an audience?

Your work should happen/occur during the week commencing 7th of May.
You are responsible for producing appropriate documentation that may be used in a group exhibition in Studio 11 Lobby space entitled: “Call3”, subject to group consensus.

The documentation should be submitted by 12pm on Friday the 11th of May, for group crit.

You should view “Call3” as an opportunity to work, alone, in a sited of offsite manner, bringing ONLY the documentation of this work/occurance/happening back to the studio.

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