Sunday, 29 April 2012

Saturday 28 April: New Socks

I'm sat on a park bench, the sun trying to shine through the ever present cloud cover. The flask of  tea and the squawks of crows and playing children. The pedometer forgotten again....

I'm not the type to 'shop till I drop', for me its more a case of 'sprint around grabbing whats needed as quickly as possible and then making a hasty escape'. So I have wandered off whilst the girls spend a few girly hours looking at and no doubt trying on a huge array of clothes and shoes, saved pennies burning holes in their pockets.

I'm going for a walk to Malpas when I've finished my tea. After a brief visit to crowded streets and shops, a suffocating space, for some new socks the need for peace and a calm place is needed. I plan to walk, smelling and feeling the open air and take pictures of boats. There is something very beautiful about boats, especially the wooden ones and the worn out, neglected ones.


Having walked through Malpas which is pretty I suppose, its main attraction being the views over the River Fal, I then followed a footpath through some woodland with a path lined thickly with wild garlic being warmed in the sun. I was surrounded by the sound of bird song, the peaceful balance of green and the strong fragrance of the wild sat on top of a grassy hill under an impressive oak tree, new shoots growing from it's fingertips. My new socks are very comfy, unlike the roots of the oak tree I am sat on!

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