Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday 21 April: Ten Hours Of 63495 Steps With My Little Tent

0 Steps
A new companion for my journey
A 10kg pack.....
My little tent
A sleeping bag
Change of clothes, twice
Change of shoes
One and a half litres of water
One flask of tea
One sandwich
Two bananas
Three biscuit bars
Two oranges
An apple
Five blister plasters
A birthday present
Two birthday cards
A camera
A dictaphone
A torch
A warm hat
A map.....

2539 Steps
My place
A patchwork of green
Iridescent in the glow of the sun

15650 Steps
A quick look at the map
Banana and biscuit
A long hill to climb

22060 Steps
The smell of wood smoke
The shelter of trees
Bluebells, beautiful, purple in the shine

25681 Steps
Rest, briefly
Spelt bread, peanut butter and watercress sandwiches
A flask of warm tea.....

42345 Steps
A quick chat with a cow.....
Tiredness does funny things to the mind!
Another long hill
Hot legs

43697 Steps
Somewhere to be
A realisation.....
Time is running out
Its time to pick up the pace, again

52086 Steps
About fucking time!
Still seven miles (?) to go
A long haired loon
Like a soldier, I yomp

63495 Steps
Destination reached
Body and mind buzzing
Sweat dripping
A heavy pack, no longer heavy
The pain, no longer painful
Big hugs
Lots of smiles
A shower
A beer
More beer
The sense of achievement bed for the night!

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