Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sea Spray On My Lips

I forgot my pedometer.... so today's wander hasn't been measured the usual way and its been a bit of an amble rather than the usual stomp. I walked a small part of the coastal path to a point where the rocks are high and looking like they're about to topple over. A place passed many times but not explored, a place for climbers. Like most outdoor activities climbing has appealed to my nature, however I'm not good with heights at all, no matter how strong the rope is. So I stopped, soaked up the wild weather and scared myself a little by going to the top of the rocks and looking over the edge.....all very exciting!

I now sit in a grassy alcove trying to shelter from the cold wind and drinking the usual flask of tea which accompanies me on all my journeys. I can taste the sea spray on my lips. The power and beauty of the ocean never ceases to inspire and impress me. A wave of gratitude is directed to where it needs to go.

After Saturday's exhilarating yomp I was determined to do at least 50 miles this Saturday but I wont be able to, which is probably best......the promise of moderation must not be forgotten. I didn't ache much after my efforts but the tiredness is there so shall leave it a couple of weeks before tackling the next Long Walk. Ideally I would like to have done a 100 miler before the end of term but realistically I there isn't going to be time and it would be foolish to try too soon....its tempting....that impulsive side of me is itching to just do it! I need to get a few more long ones done, including night time walks on my own. This is particularly daunting as not only is it dangerous walking the cliffs in the dark, I have a fertile imagination and spent much of my youth reading and writing horror stories....not a good combination for night time walking in isolated landscapes. I have walked the cliffs in the dark before and feel confident about my physical capabilities but I do not want to spend the dark hours constantly scaring myself with mind images of mad axe men and mutant flesh eating monsters.....both unlikely to be out cliff walking I know! Yes, I know they're not real bla bla bla but that doesn't help....any suggestions, please! One solution would be to have some company during the night time stomping....????

Anyway, even the wonder and beauty of such a view can not keep the wet and cold out and the flask is is time to move...........

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