Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Road Walk of 8 1/2 Hours, 49,167 Steps, Approximately 49km/ 30m: The Road Map My Constant Companion

1054 Steps
Sun rays and cloud
A chill in the air

2067 Steps
The removal of underwear
I can feel it will cause problems further down the line
No photo for this one!

2135 Steps
Woodland and primroses
Some earth beneath my feet before I hit the road

3222 Steps
I hit the road

3304 Steps
Abandoned, useless, forgotten
A sign of the times

4491 Steps
I'm missing the sound of the sea
my usual companion on my journeys
But the warmth and shelter of the country hedging
Creates a place of comfort
Quiet and calm

5529 Steps
Dark, cold woodlands
Enticing and creepy
It whispers to my imagination
Intrigue and fear

9179 Steps
Finding a path off a busy road
From tarmac to moorland

9890 Steps
Alone searching
Always Searching

10554 Steps
Back on the road

11510 Steps

12764 Steps
Small, quiet and quaint

15988 Steps
A ford crossing
A woodpeckers hammer

16363 Steps
Map check.....again

17612 Steps
Trezebel, what a wonderful name

20093 Steps

21960 Steps
Chocolate box
Vacant in the low season
A high price for the high season
Once a way of living
Now a tourists destination

23157 Steps
A sheltered long grassed field
For minutes rest
Tea and food
A change of shoes
No sun to warm and inspire this time

24630 Steps
The pleasures of pattern

25334 Steps
Little windows
Large chimneys

29599 Steps
Into the woods
Dark and mysterious
Adventures to be found
The smell of pine sap
The sound of a river
The joy and relief at feeling earth under my feet again
....this is where I feel at home

31746 Steps
A moment on a bridge
Low tide and mud
The fragrance of seaweed
The salt of the sea

34407 Steps

36421 Steps
A ford crossing in the trees
Aching feet
Sore right shin
Waiting for the painkillers to kick in

38292 Steps
A place of boats

44599 Steps
A second dose of 'fast-acting' painkillers
Slightly high
And feeling very good
I talk gibberish to myself
And look to the map to extend my path further

49167 Steps
Destination reached
Light headed
And very happy
Thoughts of 100m hover in the haze.....

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoy your way of documenting a journey... You allow us to travel as you travel and experience the path with you.

    Good decision about the underwear, you don't want chafing!