Saturday, 9 June 2012

32,752 Steps: Inner Cloud

Today I walk with a heavy heart and a heavy body
The usual enthusiasm is dampened by a tiredness that plagues
I'm surrounded by such delicate beauty
The sight of which persuade tears
Direction and meaning have become obscured by a cloud of doubt
My heart aches for a connection
One that I can feel with my instinct
But stays out of reach
The fragrance of warming grass embraces me
It dances gracefully in the sea breeze
The soft heads bowing to the sun
Gently caress my exposed ankles
And as I wander this uneven path
The sunshine warms my skin
The sea whispers its comforting words
A confused mind is soothed
The pace hastens
The stride lengthens
The heart rate quickens
The body becomes damp with exertion
And once again, finally
Freedom and purpose are tasted
The inner cloud clears
The lucidity of the sky shines through
A returned faith
In the knowledge that the answers I look for
Will become apparent when needed
A returned faith that lies in my heart

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