Thursday, 28 June 2012

56,546 Steps From Cury To A Field Between Prussia Cove & Perranuthnoe & Then Back Again

Another day of mist
The edge of the world
Enticed by the air of mystery
I eagerly persist
Long grass
Stinging nettles
Drenched and heavy
Soak my legs
Cool my feet
A path
A deep earthy brown
I slip
I slide
Cautious steps taken
The body tense
The stride shortened
The usual glee of freedom
The usual soreness in the feet
An impatience
The half way point
Four hours and twenty minutes
A damp field
A soft seat
A quick rest
A flask of tea
Some needed food
The grey blanket rises
The sea starts to glisten
A hint of blue
At last.....
Some dry warmth
Wet muddy legs begin to dry
Rain covers come off
The skin can breathe
A surreal moment
Sugar levels low
I detach from my physical body
An unexpected thrill
A sensuous sensation is savoured
A mouthful of sweets
Nectarous satisfaction
The blood restored
Back down to Earth
Highly focused
An avid stomp takes over
I'm carried home
Another journey completed
Thirty coastal miles
Eight hours and forty-five minutes

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