Saturday, 16 June 2012

Steps To Be Taken

The radiance lies deep down
Ever closer
It's presence rising to the surface
A gradual blossoming
Just within sight of the mind's eye
And very much accepted
The warmth of knowing
The ease of belonging
The allowed flutter of passion
At times
All consumes
An impatience occurs
It tightens the chest
The change
That will come with it's liberation
Is eagerly awaited
The persistent need to hold the cognition
Is tamed by a celestial assurance
Yet afflicted by those deadly notions
Of self doubt
A lack of self credence and conviction
Feats are executed
The glory of identified abilities
Soon pushed to one side
Short lived
So the search has to be continued
A destined path is becoming more defined
Intended journeys to be walked
But will the underlying wavering
Create a distorted fog that disables
Will a courage be mustered
Self certitude
A worthiness realised
Permitting the steps to be taken

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