Monday, 4 June 2012

35,329 Steps Through My Place Of Belonging.

858 Steps
With eagerness
I step into my place of belonging
The space where time does not matter
I soak up this knowledge
Savouring every moment
The urge to move is less urgent than normal
The tiredness, alien in my system
Slows my pace

2064 Steps
Shaded woodland
Hiding creatures of my imagination
Or are they?
Behind the green carpet observed through my eyes
There is something there
I feel it
I almost see it
In my peripheral world they exist
They watch
They accompany
They communicate a connection
A link that at one time I knew was there
A fully conscious conversation
But now it is just a whisper
A memory
I glimpse, taste and feel in my wanderings on foot
And here I share that world with you
And as I walk
Through this preferred reality
With anticipation and the fear of the unknown
I feel at home
In my place of belonging

2588 Steps
As I wander through a field of hip high grass and buttercups
I feel the White Rabbit glance at me
Check his pocket watch
Then disappear with an air of impatience
I continue to walk
The wet, soft grass
Caresses my bare thighs

6486 Steps

7513 Steps
A river crossing

7545 Steps
Sunshine on my face

8341 Steps

11050 Steps

Open moorland
A space of isolation
Not a soul to be seen

14319 Steps
A new path
Churned up by the steps of cattle
The inner dread of meeting what made such deep ruts in the earth
Do I turn back?

19673 Steps
Many steps taken in panic
Barbed wire and bogs

22414 Steps
Finally a place to rest
Panic over
I sit and reground in the green

23321 Steps
With some relief
From moor to coast
The reassurance of the sea


  1. These are really interesting shots. The intense colour and sweeping rotations help me to imagine the essence of sub atomic matter on the move, unstoppable.

    Have you thought about using your mind in the same way as your camera, getting away from the linear mode of language interpretation and comprehension. Fusing your imagery with language that also does not belong to the world that we have been taught to understand and see? x

  2. Yes I have bird!! Exactly what has been going through my mind.....just waiting for the way it will happen to come to me!x