Thursday, 15 December 2011

Our 25 Mile Walk to the Full Moon

Coverack to Cury
12 hours and 25 miles
12 noon to 12 midnight
Half day, half night
Torches and moonlight
Blisters and plasters
Mud and rock
Sand and pebbles
Blue sky and grey sky
Orange sky and pink sky
A map and signs
Silence and chatter
Sunshine and showers
Calmness and breeziness
Sweaty and chilly
Rainbows and rain clouds
Poles and gloves
Hats and hair
Stomping and chilling
Sketchbooks and pencils
Bananas and nuts
Mango and crisps
Paths and no paths
Slips and stumbles
Oh fucks and oh shits
Wet feet and dry feet
Anxiety and contentment
Sculptures and kissing gates
Stiles and stepping stones
Mushrooms and molehills
Gorse and heather
Cattle and ponies
Amazing and exhilarating
Tiring and inspiring
The edge and the abyss
Hot tea and pills
Awe and fear
Imagination and reality
Jelly legs and aching shoulders
Encouragement and friendship
Smiling and more smiling

And can't forget.........

Knicker chafe and hysterical laughing! 

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