Thursday, 22 December 2011

Seven Hours without Sunlight and The Occasional Glimpse of the Full Moon


  1. I love this, I can't make out how you've done it and the materials involved or read the text.

    What I really loved was how many different things I saw as I looked more closely, from the moon to a dandelion head to the text and the textures.

    I'm intrigued does the text tell its own story or are they random or linked to the piece in another way?

    Sorry for all the questions :-)


  2. Ha! Loving the questions, Me!
    Materials...very simple, white pen on black card
    I really love the textures created with text...lots going on there!
    The text is related to Our 25 mile walk- when it got dark we stopped sketching and taking photos, so I switched on my Dictaphone and just walked with it recording the nighttime noises, our walking noises and chats, a lot of was slippy! So the text is an account/description of what I recorded. And it was a full moon....this was a trial run for a much bigger piece but i quite like it small, A4'ish.

  3. This is lovely ! Looks rather like smashed up pre boiled Super noodles on a brown mat, but a closer look reveals more profound goings on ... Very nice work.

  4. Even for a fine art student???? Look closely at everything and there will be more profound things going on....why you cycled all those miles for example!