Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Shoes that let the Water in

It is another wet and windy day, it is beautiful. I was being tugged in two directions, between the place to do some work and the place of open spaces and the fresh cold wind. I knew that if I spend some time in one I would settle in the other without distraction. I did not feel the urge to flog myself today so chose to walk instead of run. Normally on such a wet day I would reach for the sturdy, sensible, waterproof walking boots but decided to go with my running/walking shoes. They are not waterproof so let the water in but are lightweight and allow me move with a quicker pace and more confidence because I can feel the ground under my feet. It was actually quite nice to feel the cold muddy water oozing in and soaking my socks, cooling my warm, always slightly sore feet, this was a quick march not a pleasant meander. How many of these little yet pleasing experiences do we miss out on because of the need to keep wrapped up and waterproof? Do we lose a connection with something essential? Surely we need to let the water in a little?

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